Скайрим dual sheath redux

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Dual Sheath Redux Issues (again)
I swear the person who created this mod has no idea what to do.

I did everything to HIS instructions.

>Download through NMM
>Turn on DSR
>go to skyproc patches
>double click on the Dualsheathreduxpatch.jar
>restart NMM and enable it in the load скайрим dual sheath redux.

скайрим dual sheath redux

>no errors, start the game, no crashes
>Equip a sword and it wont go on my back, it just goes on my left hip, as if the mod wasn't even installed.

What do I do? I've done exactly what this guy said to the letter, reinstalled multiple times and it wont work. Скайрим dual sheath redux thing is, it was working last month before I decided to remove all my mods and start from scratch after open cities corrupted my entire game.

This is the only mod that isn't working.

As an alternative I've tried right clicking the DSRpatch.jar and running скайрим dual sheath redux through java, which gives me the error message "A file is missing, please add this file to your load order: Dual Sheath Redux.esp" WHICH IS IN THE STUPID LOAD ORDER!

DSR.esp and DSR.patch are the last files in my load order IN THAT ORDER

Источник: https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/619574421645617895/

скайрим dual sheath redux