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My Bernina Two Years Later

I only just now realized that I've had my Bernina for over two years! When I was in the market for a new machine, I asked your opinions on mechanical machines and then discovered how much I liked them. I haven't written about my machine since, because it's been a smooth, drama-free relationship.

(Yes, we're in love.) But I've been getting lots of emails about machines lately, so I thought I'd revisit the topic.

If you're unfamiliar with theelna 1001 are a few facts: it's a simple mechanical machine (no computer or LED elna 1001, but it's made by Bernina (renowned for its quality) so you're looking at a higher price tag than for other mechanical machines.

I paid $ for mine, but I think the price has gone up slightly since then (anyone gotten a quote on this machine recently?). It's an all-metal machine, so elna 1001 very sturdy.


Let's talk about the elna 1001 stuff.

  •  I love the way this machine sews.

    It's smooth and fast. It does 1, stitches per minute. For comparison's sake, you can usually expect elna 1001 a home machine. The downside is that when I sew on other machines, they feel so slow!

  • It's an easy, no-fuss machine. It does what I expect it to do, and doesn't jam elna 1001 have other annoying issues.

  • The stitch quality is lovely.
  • It sews chiffon and heavy wools with ease. It doesn't have adjustable presser foot pressure, but I haven't even noticed because it just takes whatever elna 1001 you give it and sews it flawlessly.
  • When oiled and dusted regularly, it purrs like elna 1001 kitten. I haven't taken it for maintenance since I bought it because it does so well with proper home maintenance.

    (And I'd miss it.)

  • No extraneous features and stitches. I love the simplicity of it. It doesn't have alphabets or alligator-shaped stitches; it just does what I elna 1001 and does it well. The majority of my time is spent on a straight stitch, with occasional zigzagging. Elna 1001 use the elna 1001 and the buttonhole every now and then.

    Elna 1001 all I really need.

  •  The metal case is sturdy and good-quality. 
  •  The 6-step buttonhole is a revelation! Not having elna 1001 deal with my machine jamming in the middle of an automatic buttonhole is lovely.

  • It comes with snap-on feet, as opposed to Bernina's standard kind with the shaft attached. This was disappointing, since everyone raves about Bernina feet.

    elna 1001

    So one of the first things I did was start replacing the snap-on feet with the traditional Bernina feet. I've spent a pretty penny on feet, some utilitarian (zipper, elna 1001 zipper, edgestitch, clear, blindhem, etc.) and then lots of fun extras (ruffler, walking foot, pintuck, narrow hemmer, and the list goes on).

    Many of these I would have had to buy elna 1001 anyway, elna 1001 it's not entirely a fault of the But damn, these feet are expensive!

elna 1001 src="biblioteka-fb2.ru">
  • It's heavier than a small child. Not really an issue if you're not planning on traveling with it. (I lugged it on a bus to Baltimore, along with luggage, and it was hell. I couldn't elna 1001 a taxi home from the bus station on the way back, and elna 1001 was raining, and it was awful, readers.) On the other hand, metal has that nice, quality, long-lasting feel to it.
  • There's only one buttonhole.

    I love keyhole buttonholes, so this is sad for me.

  • The price makes it out-of-reach for beginners. The quality makes it worth the price, in my elna 1001.

    But beginners always ask me for my recommendation for their first machine, and while the would be a fantastic machine for a new sewist, the price tag elna 1001 isn't practical elna 1001 a newbie.

  • It's made me a speed demon. (I've always had a lead foot, just ask my parents and the California state police.) If I were to get another machine, it would be a straight stitch or semi-industrial that sews more like 1, to 2, stitches a minute.
All in all, I couldn't be happier with my machine.

The pros far outweigh the cons. I have other machines, but they've all taken up permanent residence in the closet since I got the Bernina.

I feel like I'm missing stuff here, so let me know if you have questions and I'll update the post! I hope this helps you all in your quest for your dream machine.

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