Ace stream media player

Usuallywe usethe torrenttrackers todownload videosto your computer.Thisrecordinterestingtelevision programs, sports,documentaries, concertsand more.Whatif you reallywant to quickly watch a videowithout waiting ace stream media player example, a2hourvideo in high qualitydownloadedabout an hour.Plusyou need timetowatch this video.

Hownot to wastetime waiting fora fulldownloadof the file, and immediatelywatch it? Solutionandeasy to implement inlinux.

Ace Stream System
This is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet.

Note: Ace Stream uses in its core P2P technology (peer-to-peer) based on the BitTorrent Protocol, which is recognized as the most effective Protocol for transmission/delivery "heavy content".
Ace Stream is more than just BitTorrent client for file exchange via P2P–networks!
Core competencies platforms: AVoD (Audio Video on demand), Live Stream (live/streaming), Localization of foreign BitTorrent traffic, Decentralized social networks, and IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top) - Interactive services over broadcasts.
Ace Stream platform provides excellent ace stream media player quality online broadcasts/shows on the Internet and most effective system of storing and delivering video and audio content.

Note: Ace Stream Users watch online video with ace stream media player quality level, which is more than 10 times exceeds the quality level of videos on YouTube (provided in 1080p) and many times greater than the screenings/broadcast to all other existing services of VoD and Live Stream performed by the service operators in the OTT (Over The Top), not effective ace stream media player of P2P technology.

In addition, none of the standard ace stream media player Live Stream and none of the existing CDN providers using unicast, can carry out/to provide a live broadcast with such a high level of quality and for the number of spectators that can broadcast a regular user of Ace Stream, with their normal personal computer, while using typical home Internet channel!

Installation into Linux Mint:

  • acestream-engine - engine
  • acestream-mozilla-plugin - browser plugin
  • acestream-player - desktop player
  • acestream-player-data - a set of common libraries for the player and plugin
  • acestream-full - a complete package that includes all of the above

Start from the launcher ACE Player HD and in the settings select the desired video output mod.

I chose X11. Then close the program

Open your browser to the page with the torrent.

ace stream media player

Click download torrent and in the dialog box, select Other. look in the directory usr > bin > acesteamplayer
In browser will look like this:

Only for FireFox: you can activate the plugin acestream-mozilla-plugin to view the video in the browser.

Additionally you can open .torrent files with the ace stream media player Player HD, and just to watch it online.

Before viewing your online video will have to watch ads developer player.

You can disable it, but it's a fee.

Remove from Linux Mint:

ADDED: Installing AceStream in Linux Mint with snap. Works in 18.x

Restart your pc

Run AceStreamEngine first.

Ace stream media player add it to startup.
Open ACE Player HD and in the settings select the desired video output mod. I chose X11. Then close the program

You can now open the torrent and watch the video.

when you first start press Play and the program will ask your gender and age.
Enjoy, good luck!!!

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Reason: Added information for Linux Mint 18.x